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4999 Saint-Catherine St. #303 Westmount, Montreal Quebec H3Z 1T3 Canada

Its not as if we are the best, but we have always thought of good things for our clients on their goal of learning, improving or mastery of languages which takes them further ahead with their current or future status.

We keep thinking about better solutions for the purpose of higher learning experience and more long lasting knowledge.

Language learning is a process of considerable time and effort. To see the results, one needs to constantly study and use the language under supervision of a language experts to gradually purify their language of all the common mistakes and errors. 

A reasonable syllabus and a professional instructor and a good team work can accelerate the achievement. 

Children Solutions

Kids and teens have their own ways and attitudes when it comes to learning a new language. Playful or reserved, they will soon yield to our friendly and constructive class  environment and sooner or later start to express themselves.

Every learner has a certain idiosyncratic way of acquiring or learning a new language. Categorizing Learners based only on their level of knowledge or awareness of a language can not necessarily guaranty a facilitated and joyful experience which are two important ingredients of tangible 

Corporate Solutions

To perform more professionally at work and communicate more profoundly with colleagues and to correspond well with interdepartmental or international people, one needs to learn both the etiquette and techniques together with the appropriate terminology.

Firms, nowadays, demand their staff to communicate verbally in workplace within oral and written context to accelerate their efficiency and maintain healthy and seamless flow of tasks which requires a solid understanding of business language.

Exams Solutions

To fulfill goals of studying abroad or immigration to English or French  speaking countries, one needs to take one of the  relevant exam.

Mastering exam techniques comes with constant endeavor and  testing. subtlety of the language tests could challenge even native speakers at times. to achieve acceptable scores, the learners need to enhance their skills throughout a custom made course.

Online Solutions

Living in information era demands smarts ways learning through online platforms accessible to most people all around the globe.

Learning a second or third language works better if one immerses ​themselves into the language they are trying to learn which translates into creating an environment of the target language through the abundant online resources and courses.  

Private Solutions

Accelerated pace in learning with no doubt lies in one-on-one courses with custom designed materials for every individual.

One-on-one courses are beneficial for the learners  ​who desire to have the privacy and focus of the whole course with a desired pace to meet their individual needs