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South America Free Courses Fee
Image by Brooke Cagle

Interested in free classes or cash?

By successfully referring your friends, you will be rewarded up to 25 hours of free courses or $1000 as an incentive based on level of referrals. 

There are three different types of classes to accommodate students with different preferences and budgets.  

  • Plan A: 1-2 students ($30/h)

  • Plan B: 2-4 students ($50/h)

  • Plan C: 5-6 students ($70/h)

Our packages start from twice-a-week course for a month all the way up to five times a week ( there are more intensive courses upon request). The length of the sessions is anywhere between one month up to twelve months.

Minors & Juniors

Trying to learn how to speak, read books, write essays and express yourself with confidence?
You are in good hands! 

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Young adults & Corporates

Improving your language, writing exams, doing interviews, public speaking, negotiations, doing business?
Just name it, we get you there.

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There is something for everyone. 

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Course Materials

Books are only supportive materials.
We custom design your course. 

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Monthly Chart CDN$

Take a course somewhere between twice a week for a month all the way up to five times a week for a year.
The more, the cheaper!

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